Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake System 2007.5-2009 Dodge Cummins

Brand: Pusher Intakes
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All Pusher Intake Systems for the 2007.5-2009 Cummins 6.7L trucks start with a 3.5" boost tube that mates to our intake manifold's 3.5" inlet which smoothly transitions to two 3" mandrel bent .060" thick steel tubes. Intake Manifold - This performance intake manifold offers a huge air flow gain over the stock manifold. Due to our twin tube design we are able to nearly double the outlet size over the stock manifold while maintaining a smooth and constant cross section. This design also enabled us to change to a short bolt in place of the long driverside flange bolt that passes right through the center of the stock manifold air plenum. Thus freeing up airflow even more yet maintaining the stock six bolt pattern for a proper seal.

This design is a vast improvement over the stock manifold and even most after market manifolds. Results include quicker turbo spool, lower egt's, and less over all strain on your motor. Boost Tube - The Pusher Boost tubes are built from 3.5" mandrel bent .060" wall tubing to maintain a constant cross section and vastly improve the flow path and volume over the stock .300" walled plastic tube. Our boost tube maintains a 3.38" ID while the factory tube has a 2.4" ID over nearly its entire length.

For an additional charge, select powdercoating colors are available on this manifold.

The kit also includes new 4-ply sicilicone couplers, T-Bolt clamps, a factory Cummins gasket and some other minor hardware to make installing this intake system extremely easy. You will need to delete all of your factory emissions equipment as this manifold does not have provisions to use any of it. This kit is for off road use only.

Custom colors and semi custom modifications are available as well, just ask!

By replacing your restrictive factory system with a Pusher Intake System, you can expect results of: 50-200 degree Farhenheit drop in EGT's .5-1 MPG increase Deletes constrictive emissions equipment Significant gain in throttle response Faster turbo spool This kit supplies everything you need to replace all of your restrictive post intercooler intake plumbing. We are now including factory Cummins gaskets and hardware with all of our Cummins products!