Zinc Anode accessory kit

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Zinc Anode accessory kit Flex-a-lite developed these zinc anode kits to be installed as a replacement for the drain petcock in radiators equipped with a 1/4 in. NPT bushing welded into the tank (they can be installed in any 1/4 in. NPT hole that is available in the cooling system). For years anodes have been used in heavy-duty and marine applications to protect the cooling systems and its many components from damage due to electrolysis. Flex-a-lite now brings this protection to you. Today's cars and trucks have many aluminum parts and parts made in combination with aluminum alloy. Aluminum parts may disintegrate from electrolysis in the cooling system. Installing a Flex-a-lite zinc anode will protect your cooling system from galvanic action by "eating" the zinc rather than your cooling system. Cheap, effective insurance.